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Million Dollar Riff Studio

West Sprinfield, United States

The Hungarian Haza Music Group consist of an administrative music publishing service, an administrative record company service, a music producers co-op and a sweet little audio facility dedicated to mastering and mixing audio projects, as well as forensic audio for the legal profession and law enforcement only.
Our "Old School" techniques, combined with today's technology is what sets the Hungarian Haza Studio apart from other facilities.
Our 30 plus year reputation is noted for our "skills" in and out of the recording studio, and that's what comes out in every single one of our projects.
We have been mixing, mastering, administrative publishing and handling administrative affairs for some of the most talented artists, producers, and record companies around the world.


Seven Mile Scream

2015-12-16 13:39:05
Hello there Im a very talented drummer/producer/arranger/multiinstrumentalist with over 30 yrs exp. Thank you for your time
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