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Studio :: Skook Bros. Productions

Million Dollar Riff Studio

Irving, United States 

Skook Bros. Productions was established in 1998.

Darren Oliver, President, /Skook Bros. Productions
My career in music started professionally in 1979 with the Grammy Nominated R& B Group Yarbrough & Peoples at,Total Experience Record Label working with Mr. Lonnie Simmons.President and Mr. Don Alexander.Vice President learning every aspect.of produceing, marketing, and touring. I have worked with The Gap Band , Yarbrough & Peoples , and Robert Goodie Whitfield.
I also worked internships in recording sessions with the following.

1. ” The Late Great.” Michel Evans {Enginer for ALL listed below & and Many More.}
2. Charlie Wilson {Gap Band}
3. Ronnie Wilson {Gap Band}
4. Robert Wilson {Gap Band}
5. Cavin Yarbrough {Yarbrough & Peoples}
6. Alisa Peoples ( Yarbrough & Peoples}
7. Robert *Goodie* Whitfield { Goodie,Gap Band,Yarbrough & Peoples}
8. Malvin Deno Vice {Gap Band/Yarbrough & Peoples}
9. Rudy Taylor {Gap Band, Yarbrough&Peoples,Goodie}
10.” The Late Great Musician.” / Don Myric (EARTH WIND & FIRE)
11.Raymond Calhun {Drummer/Songwriter,Gap Band,Y&P,GOODIE}
12.Jimi Macon {Guitarist/Songwriter,Gap Band,Y&P,GOODIE}
13.Dionne/Flea Oliver {Bass player/Songwriter Gap Band,Y&P,GOODIE}
14.Fred Jenkins {Guitarist/Songwriter,Gap Band,Y&P,GOODIE.}
15.Oliver Scott {Piano/Key Boards,/Songerwriter,Gap Band,Y&P,GOODIE}
16.Billy Young {Key Boards/Songwriter Gap Band,Y&P,GOODIE.}
17. Penny Ford {Artist/Song Writer Gap Band,Yarbrough&Peoples.}


Seven Mile Scream

2015-12-16 13:29:40
Awesome I would love to work with you. I have done sessiom work with Mike Roshelle bassist and producer for Stevie Wonder and Micheal Jackson. I have over 30 yrs exp thank you
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