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London, United Kingdom

Raymond Fry Bio and recommendations

Ray began his career in 1965 when he was just 15 years of age. He gigged with a number of bands around the UK scene.

1995 -2000 Director of "Thirdeye music productions" Writing/composing/developing new artists.

1997 -2000 Director at “Thirdeye music productions” and “Stepping stone studio's” Willesden, London. Facilitated, recorded, produced, co-wrote, and developed artists & bands. Stepping Stone Clients included: Natalie Imbruglia, Limahl, Jason Rebello & Joy Rose (Penta), Future sound of London, Hue Cornwall (Stranglers), Hotai, and others. During this time as a freelance lyricist, he co-wrote the jazz musical `Right here right now` which showcased at the Edmund Keen Theatre in London. ,Third Eye Music composed and produced the music for the urban musical "Inner City Jam" which showcased at the Cockpit theatre starring (soul to soul artist "Juliet Roberts". Also the Rn'B musical "White folks" - a Musical Fable" which showcased at the `Cochran theatre` staring `Sinitta` before going on to run at the `Nottingham Playhouse Leeds. Thirdeye, also wrote arranged and produced songs for the pop group 'The Honeyz', and solo artists `Kele Le Roc', 'Lemar' and 'Kelle Bryan', previously from the pop group Eternal. Ray retired in 2000.

Ray picked up the pen again in mid 2011 and put together an international song-writing and production team which are co-writing songs for and with our artists in various genres of music. He is currently co-writing a number of singles, EP & album for 22 year old artist "Sheam Dean" who he is also managing. Sheaam's songs are due to be released in the spring 2015 by Oracle records. Ray and his team are also writing an album for Jazz/Rn'B Latin artist "Amaryllis Santiago" which is due to be released in June of 2015.

Honourable mention (song of the year) "Don't take too long",


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