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Studio :: karlson recording studio

Million Dollar Riff Studio

Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

What about a great ambiance to work in?, A studio in the backyard, but with an impressive gear-list ! We have several top (tube, condenser, ribbon) microphones: Flea U47, Neumann 's m149, 87's, km184's, Shure's SM7, 57's, 58 etc, pre-amps (neve, universal-audio), compressors (1176, LA2A..), and reverbs (bricasti, lexicon..) the perfect studio for the singer-songwriter, small groups, vocals and voice-over, because of it's relative small size, but we do like having bands, if you are looking for a cozy inspiring place!... We are situated nearby the river "De Maas" and yes: there are real sand beaches...!!...... so it's easy to take a real break if you need to! But the veranda will do either !!... Alex

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