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Studio :: Black Pearl Studios

Million Dollar Riff Studio

Melbourne, Australia

Black Pearl Studios is world-class and turnkey facility offering musicians a great acoustic environment, fantastic equipment and one of the best instruments collection in the world at very affordable prices.

A large range of services are available including live recording, mixing and production. On-site services are also available using our great mobile studio van.

Studio A is composed of a large acoustically designed recording area & is complemented by an advanced control room. The 120sqm recording space houses a Yamaha C7 grand piano and is lined with ample instruments and gear to suit any genre. Mixing occurs primarily on the 72 channel SSL 4072 console

Studio B is 110sqm acoustically designed recording area. A fully-restored Rönisch 6.7 foot grand piano is the centerpiece of the recording space. A large 64-input Tonelux/API modular console for mixing.

This facility offers an amazing range of gear for no extra charge:
• ?Two grand pianos
• ?3 organs,
• ?over 140 guitar amps
• ?3 electric pianos
• ?Over 360 upmarket mics
• ?Over 140 top-quality guitars
• ?Over 30 bass guitars
• ?9 quality drum kits
• Over 40 best snare drums
• Over 30 bass amplifiers
• Over 60 pre-amps
• An amazing collection of over 450 pedals

World-renowned Julian Mendelsohn is an Australian audio engineer, who worked with the likes of the Pet Shop Boys, Elton John, INXS, Bob Marley and Paul McCartney and many more. He has also been involved with over 25 #1 hits in the UK charts.

Terry Hart has worked with many audio engineers such as Matt Voigt and Jimi Maroudas, and has been involved with artists such as Powderfinger, Paul Kelly, Kimbra , the Hilltop Hoods and others.

The owner, Yury Kogan, has extensive knowledge and experience of audio engineering. Over his 30+ years in the field, he has worked with a range of musicians such as Paul Kelly, Allan Zavod, Jimmy Barnes, Sarah Blasko, the Getaway Plan &many Australian and international artists.


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