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kampala, Uganda 

Sentamu Sebatian is a performing artiste,arranger, composer and writer . He was born 1966 in Uganda. He is academically qualified civil engineer who decided to follow his passion and his creative skills of music composition, singing and traditional dances.

He has worked with a number of music association, groups and bands. He discovered his talent at the age of 12years in church under a choir called Golden Gate choir in Bbunga Ggaba.

Sentamu Sebastian was part of one of the best and big band in the country called Big Five Band between 1990 and 1998. He has been part of a professional music group called Nyonza Singers as a vocalist that was able to be part of the Last King of Scotland international film feature.

Sentamu Sebastian has also been part of music groups like ABO gospel sounds where he was able to compose and record quite a number of songs as well as performed internationally with the group in UK and Northern Ireland.

Sentamu Sebastian’s strength is in the great voice he has and creativity.
am a singer, i do world music, afro,ballad,folk music and am a voice over for more than 20years, i love to sing and voice over.


sentamu sebastian

2015-09-21 09:03:01
i love music
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