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Artist :: Bianca Modesti

Rock Pop Blues Soul R&B

“Who am I?” This one question haunted me on many occasions, causing my anxiety to surface, slightly touching my senses. ‘Who am I?’ I repeated out loud waiting for the thundering silence to give me an answer. Nothing. Frustrated I moan out loud. How can I not know who I am? Staring out of my window in a daze, a memory comes to mind. Lights whizzing by, the sweet smell of chocolate transfused with the smell of petrol, buzzing guitar strings, pulsating drum beats. Time stands still as a crystal clear image of my dad rehearsing ‘Gloria’ by Van Morrison forms in my mind. Harmonised voices, synchronised instruments complement each others melody, a common energetic passion intertwine between each musician and their instrument. My body purrs as I sit there, captivated by the different musical sounds, enthralled by the devotion that my father so clearly displayed in his performance. As I am pulled out of my memory, I smile to myself, this is where it all began for me, where music spoke to me on some deep intimate level, where an appreciation for all genres of music inaugurated.

I am a songwriter, I am a professional vocalist, I am an entertainer, I am a dancer, I am a choreographer, I am a teacher, but most of all I am myself and know body else. I don’t have an alter ego, I don't have a character that I play, but what I do have is a certain truth and honesty to myself and my listeners. I feel what everyone else feels. I feel love, fear, hurt, pain and I have gone through struggles that many others have gone through and I tell the story through my songs connecting myself emotionally to my listeners. This is who I am.


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