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Artist :: Lloyd MacHardy

Country Folk

Merigomish, Nova Scotia, Canada 
Lloyd MacHardy

Lloyd MacHardy is a singer/songwriter living in Nova Scotia, Canada. His songs are 70% FOLK, 20% HUMOROUS, 5% COUNTRY, and 5% other. His songs have received HONORABLE MENTION in several songwriting contests (Including BILLBOARD). His song "WON'T YOU HELP ME DR. PHIL?" has won BEST COMEDY MUSIC CATEGORY in the MALIBU MUSIC AWARDS, California. This song also won the HUMOROUS CATEGORY in THE WEST COAST INTERNATIONAL SONG CONTEST, California.


Lloyd MacHardy

2015-04-05 13:02:33
My song "Won't You Help Me Dr. Phil?" has won BEST COMEDY MUSIC in the Malibu Music Awards, California. It has alsi win the HUMOROUS CATEGORY in the West Coast Songwriters International Song Contest. Hope you enjoy. Lloyd
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