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Artist :: Franz Robert WILD

Rock Country Folk Blues World Music

Toulouse, France

I'm a singer-songwriter, the like of folk singers from the 60's and 70’s. Or maybe more than that! 
I live in the countryside in the south-west of France. When I was a teenager I used to listen to local radio constantly and to record my voice a capella on the tape recorder of my Father. I must admit music has always been very special to me. It has always filled my heart, my life... my home, my car... my head. As my friends would tell, I would die for good music !! 

In 2014, my first album was released in self-production with the help of my very skilled friend Oli Le Baron. A critic about this first opus can be found at Folk Radio Uk and a brief quote says : "The album gets stronger as you play it through and musically the production and recording are excellent and each time you go back, new details emerge as the arrangements have a satisfying and varied complexity". "[...] with the two big songs at the heart of the record, The Lonely Stanger and Free in particular, Franz also shows that he knows how to get into a story and make it work as a song". "Melodically it is suggestive of George Harrison". 


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