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Artist :: John Kyle

Rock Folk

Sacramento, CA, United States

I make music because that’s what I’m here for. I've always known it.
I make music to save people, because music is what saved me.
I make music because it’s the deepest connection I know how to make with people. It’s like a river that flows through all of us.
I make music to tell sad and troubled people that it’s OK – you are not alone. You must be who you really are, even if – especially if – that’s not what everyone else wants you to be.
I’m John Kyle and I’m a music artist from California. My musical style is acoustic guitar-driven alternative rock under the influence of 1980’s college rock, grunge, progressive rock, neo-psychedelia, classic and nu-metal, punk, rap and traditional/gothic country.
A founding member of critically-acclaimed art-rock band The Glowing Garden, I’m working on my first solo album.
I perform live shows in and around Sacramento, CA US, and am raising funds for a California tour later this year at
If you’re a fan, friend, or want to become one, join my fan mailing list at
Great to meet you!


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