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Artist :: Domenic Pearce

Melbourne, Australia 

Domenic Pearce is a Singer, Songwriter and Music Producer from Melbourne Australia.
With his deep passion for Music he has created music in an array of genres including Rock and Pop and EDM, and is now also working as a Music Producer with various artists producing the fore mentioned genres as well Hip Hop, World Instrumental, Metal (including Industrial Metal as well as Classical Crossover artists.
Born in Melbourne, Australia but of Italian parents he began his musical journey at age 11 playing piano and pursuing singing in his teens. He wrote his first song at age 15 and has never looked back, making music his career.


Mark Gardner

2018-04-25 11:45:01
Hey Domonic great tunes in here well done! 3.5/5 Well done! great catchy tunes

Raffaella Piccirillo

2015-01-11 16:24:09
Hi great work here, a dear greet
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