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Warwick, Australia

Australian born composer and artist Steve Clark has released 8 albums over the past four years. His first album “Ghostflyers’ came out in 2010 and was followed by ‘Pipperson Park’ (2011), ‘The Hellbound Heart’ (2011), ‘Seasons of Night & Light’ (2011), ‘The Takerman’ (2012), ‘The Halloween Tree’ (2012), ‘Colourful’ (2014) and 'The Seven Valleys' (2015).
A prolific songwriter, Steve plays guitars, drums and keyboards as well as recording vocals on all albums to date. He arranges, mixes and produces the music, also creating the CD artwork and booklets.
Steve has delved into a variety of musical styles ranging from popular, rock, acoustic, instrumental, ambient and film. In 2011 he composed music based on the novel “The Hellbound Heart” by English author, artist and director Clive Barker. Clive Barker personally ratified the album for public release. In a similar vein the music for ‘The Halloween Tree’ was inspired by American author Ray Bradbury’s novel of the same name.
In early 2014, Italian journalist, photographer and writer Armando Gallo contacted Steve requesting music for his forthcoming “Genesis – I Know What I Like” App. Steve ended up with eight sections of music on the App along side original Genesis guitarists Anthony Philips, Steve Hackett and Daryl Stuermer, as well as founding Genesis member Tony Banks.


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