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Enzo Arguera

2021-03-20 10:27:24
Hi my guy, already let me tell you that your title BACK IT PON ME is a real killer, I love it like never before and I hope for you that your music will be really highlighted because you deserve it we could even make it a reggaeton version of music, so of course you let me take it back, I'm already an author and composer, thank you again for your music, well done .... Enzo Arguera

Tronnel Finesse Pacquette

2015-02-21 16:02:35
Aww man thanks a million! It could be much better but... I appreciate it...

Tronnel Finesse Pacquette

2015-01-02 19:57:03
Hey guys I'm new here! Hope to gain much from this site and the whole movement...! I wish everyone success here, A Happy New Year and lots of prosperity for this NEW year 2015!!! Much love to you all... My musical Brothers & Sisters! PLZ... Don't stop the creativity!
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