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Rock Pop Dance Electronic

Melbourne, Australia

Mr. TinTin - or Liam Blake, is an unsigned Australian artist and producer, currently publishing his own music via the internet. Liam spends time also working with established Melbourne musician and producer David Herzog, creating tracks and helping with other artist's material. Liam aspires to sell his music to a wider audience and make his money from being a professional act. Liam likes to start sentences with his own name and write in the third person... he doesn't know why... it just happens...

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Mark Gardner

2018-04-25 11:08:19
Hey Liam this stuff is cool well done! One hidden talent right here !! 4/5

Million Dollar Riff Team

2015-05-07 00:02:03
Keep up the standard Liam, loving your work

Mr. TinTin

2015-05-06 23:14:54
Thanks MDF Team! the girl singing on NoClue is a very talented friend of mine, who wrote the verses for me. my initial lyrics didn't fit so i got her on the case! thanks again LB

Million Dollar Riff Team

2015-05-05 10:41:07
really nice Liam, same singer as NoClue? love the way you collaborate.

Mr. TinTin

2015-01-20 05:09:28
thanks luis! pleased to be a part of this!
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