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Vilelmini Katsi is a new talent in the Greek musical scene. . She was born in Athens to parents and she comes from a long line of music loving extended family from Preveza. She has been delving into music since she was 5 years old and she has studied piano and harmony and now she is learning classic guitar. Allher song are from her heart and from her soul! She has studied under several music instructors of notoriety and she has played in several music quartets. She has also studied computer science and marketing . The “Into the dark” is the first track of the CD album with the same name. All songs are composed by Vilelmini and orchestrated by George Bousounis, who has worked with a lot of famous Greek artists. The album contains four songs and it was produced by
Vilelmini on 06/26/2012 appeared in the European Musical Festival in Preveza after which she published her new piece called “ Aroma Elladas ( Smell of Greece ) " that Giannis Nikolaou ( an ex member of the band Lathrepivates ) singed this song . "Vilelmini had wrote also the track for the Preveza's Carnival Women’s parade , theme song to celebrate an old Preveza tradition.
Her last musical composition is in collaboration with the other composer for the “imake Preveza” a documentary film promoting Preveza in Italy.
. On july 28th make a new collaboration with Angel studios and Charlie ( ARR ) from indaba , who had made a great jobs such as Aaron Francis, Ryan Boss and Nick Sanders , for the track " come back " in that she plays the piano and ARR is playing the wonderful guitar!!! From then they are together and make a wonderful music!!!! You can find their music at
Vilelmini's music is available at And .Her new cd single with the title " I Feel You " with Achilleas Diamantis and Sam Marlieri will be released on June 2015!


Mark Gardner

2018-04-25 09:19:05
Wow what a talent you are these tunes are awesome !! 5/5 When are you touring Downunder?

Vilelmini Katsi

2015-01-24 08:43:10
Thank you!:-)

Million Dollar Riff Team

2015-01-20 22:39:21
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