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Melbourne, Australia

Lyzee is a highly energetic, passionate, committed and strong willed musician. With many dreams to hit it big in the electronic scene. She loves anything creative and artistic and loves to be different, a little crazy and weird.
Lyzee was playing the piano by the age of five and singing at the age of ten.
In her teenage years, Lyzee picked up the guitar whilst living in Perth, Western Australia and started writing her own songs. Playing her Pop/Rock, Folk originals in local bars and taverns and performing with a range of different artists such as Australian Blues musician Ash Grunwald, Folk/Alternative musician Nathan Gaunt and Hip Hop/Rap artist "Trooth".
Lyzee recently moved to Melbourne, where she auditioned for the TV show X Factor and went through to the top 100 along with reaching the top 130 through the auditions of the number one Australian TV show, The Voice.
Lyzee recently released a single "Luminescent". Lyzee self-produced Luminescent and it is being remixed by STEM - Brazillian Dj/producer and also remixed by the Chicago band "London has Fallen".
Lyzee also JUST released her very own self produced EP in April 2016 it includes a very diverse range of genres such as Pop, Electonica and Pop/rock.
Lyzee is hoping to be recognised for her unique ability to sing and write to almost any genre, focusing mainly on Pop/Rock and Pop/Electronic Dance music.
"Exploding out of the shadows, Lyzee showed us that she knows how to craft a live show that provokes, entertains and surprises her audience. Her high-energy stage presence evoked a ferocity and determinism that reinforced and enhanced her songs." Review by Sky Lashes 10/04/16
"Luminescent is an excellent track. Amidst the aforementioned oversaturated indie pop music scene, it’s a beacon of exceptional self-production and concrete, fully-formed creative ideas." Brett Stewart - Tilting Windmill Studios/Strike Magazine 10/03/16

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Mark Gardner

2018-04-18 12:50:48
Nice songs and clip Lyzee! Keep up the great work! X


2016-02-26 04:32:18
Single release 8th March! :)


2015-11-25 01:03:03
Thank you very much!

Million Dollar Riff Team

2015-08-20 06:49:10
Nice Videos Lyzee, can't wait to see / hear your originals, should be very captivating
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