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Melbourne, Australia

KNDL (pronounced Kendal) is the project of Jesse Kendal, an electronic music producer based in Melbourne, Australia. His music is a blend of R&B, Dance, Future bass and atmospheric, beat driven music. KNDL produces both soulful, melodic music with glistening percussive tops and straight up synth driven dance music, which demonstrates his versatility and appealing to a wider audience. KNDL believes that some of the most profound emotions and feelings can be simply conveyed through a beautiful sound – this is what KNDL aims to do with his productions.

Inspirations that have contributed to KNDL’s fresh new sound range from artists such as Baauer, Esta, Evil Needle, The Roots, Stwo, Mr.Carmack, Flume and Ganz to name but a few. Great things are yet to come from KNDL, so be sure to follow him on Soundcloud and Facebook to stay updated.

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