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Artist :: Melanie Valentine

Pop Dance Electronic

Melbourne, Australia 

Singer/Songwriter and Composer MELANIE VALENTINE musically is an eclectic blend of a variety confectionary pop flavour with a caffeine like energetic hint to get you singing along.
Influences never limited, the teensy poplett is chipping away at an EP being recorded with Tony hunt of Sonic Boy Studios, Camberwell in her hometown Melbourne.
She has already worked with names like Brian Canham (Pseudo Echo), and Peter Farnan (Boom Crash Opera) to name a few, and was trained by pop songstress Sammy Paul who has been recently making a name for herself on the online independent dance and adult contemporary charts internationally.
Melanie is taking time off from shows for most of 2015 to focus on working on recordings and new priorities as a first time mother ,but is definitely one to keep an eye on for things to come.

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Melanie Valentine

2015-02-28 21:42:39
Thanks Luis! Heard about the site on the radio and thought it was a good opportunity to reach a new audience :)
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