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Artist :: Elbow Strike

Rock Metal

trieste, Italy

ELBOW STRIKE «Planning Great Adventures» (Go Down Records) Elbow Strike, as the name suggests offers a hard hitting rock funk sound,precise, decisive and unique. With this album, the latest project by Chris T Bradley, songwriter, musician and globetrotter. Show three years ofexperimental work between composition and completion‘PlanningGreat Adventures’ emerges as bright and sharp as a lightning bolt.With its 11 powerful songs ranging from stoner rock, hard rock, grunge, southern rock and beyond. ‘Planning Great Adventures’ is a concept album. It lends itself to a childhood fascination of Chris T Bradleys’ the main theme being ‘Aliens’. As a young boy, he first heard the stories of alleged sightings, the conspiracy’s, the hidden facts.This intrigued him greatly and he continued with his path
to gain further knowledge.Special Guest in this Album E1Ten on vocal, Front man of ‘Gotcha AllStarz, who also collaborated with Funkadelik and George Clinton. Marc "Swazi" Sokpolie “Track Addicts” on Bass.the elements and originality that characterize the project are supplied mainly by the personality of Chris T Bradley, who has toured throughout America, Europe and Asia . It was during these travels and with his attentive ear and his ability to incorporate an entire international musicvibe, all was absorbed and adapted to make it his own. This culminated in a recipe absolutely personal and unique.


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