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forestville, Canada

Atypical So ( A ) Typical is the latest album of OneSelf featuring Mario Deschenes
Oneself, a Canadian Rock Band, OneSelf is Mario Deschenes. Atypical So ( A ) Typical, his 6 th album. Distributed by Avid Music Distribution. He is the song – writer, singer, producer and musician on his every albums.
Mario Deschenes created 11 videos, 1 for each song to visualise Atypical So ( A ) Typical.
Mario Deschênes wanted to a different album for this release.
With Atypical So ( A ) Typical my 6th Rock album with a Pop and Blues accents. My songs and videos are well - typical, with a touch of atypical around the songs.

Mario Deschenes
[email protected]


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