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Artist :: Edward Nass

Rock Country Folk Blues

Berwick Victoria, Australia

Musicians mark their journey by milestones in their career. For Edward, the release of his debut CD in 2012 – Memories and Other Tales, was a big one. This has been followed by an equally large second one with his second CD, Doing Nothing (2014).
Edward is a lyricist and has an art of telling stories from a life’s journey. They are about community, family, history and experiences all in a narrative style.
What people say:-
“You get the stories exactly right” Brian Amos 98.1, Eastern FM.

“LOVE the album. My favorite tracks are Monster Meeting and Lester and Clyde. They are all awesome but those 2 are my favs. I really like the production and sonic quality of the album too. Not too overdone and well thought out.” Andrew Wigglesworth. (Weeping Willows)

“These songs are important in the folk genre as they are about a life’s journey” Michael Crichton. 3WBR FM

Many of Edwards’s songs have an element of humor, guaranteed to get you laughing, but also may have a serious message. They are a comment on life, from a personal perspective, to which many can relate. His more serious songs about loss have touched people in a way that is highly personal.
At Edward’s shows you can expect to be entertained with stories, laugh at the humour of every day events, feel moved by the truthfulness and honesty and to be a part of the show when you join in with songs.
He plays either solo or with his group (the Bad Pennies) and includes Folk, Ballads, Blues, Rock and Country. President and co founder of the Berwick and District Folk Club (BADFOLK), Edward supports music and the community spirit it brings.

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