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Windsor, Ontario, Canada 

Singer-songwriter Mike Koller and his sons, Andrew and Zachary, have been jamming together on and off ever since the boys were in their early teens. Mike, a former singer and lead guitarist with a number of cover and Indy bands in Windsor, Ontario area, was semi-retired from the local music scene. Andrew, Zack and Mike had no grand master plan to form a band. The three just enjoyed having fun playing great songs as loudly as possible. Over time the jam sessions became more regular and the three realized that things were sounding good and feeling right. They decided to finally call themselves a band and officially became Easy Preacher in 2012.

Aside from having fun Easy Preacher's primary goal is to write, record, and perform their own music. However whenever schedules jive, and day jobs permit, you will catch Easy Preacher performing an eclectic mix of attention grabbing covers and original tunes. If you can catch them, do it!

Easy Preacher likes to keep things simple. Don’t analyze or think about the music too much. Just turn on, turn up, and play. Although rock and blues are staples that drive Easy Preacher's music, anything fast or slow, soft or hard, with a groove will do. Blues, Rock, Country, R&B, Soul... it doesn't matter. The band's philosophy is to throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks. If it happens to stick to your ribs and soul... even better. The guys in Easy Preacher appreciate you taking the time to check them out. Peace all!

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