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Echuca, Australia

Singer/songwriter Dan Duggan was born in country Victoria (Australia) and raised in Melbourne until his early teens and has since travelled extensively, living in a number of cities and regional towns in Australia. He currently resides in Echuca working and writing out of his home studio. His interest in music goes way back to his youth, coming from a large musical family. Dan began his music career in his early teens as a multi-instrumentalist and writer in a number of bands. Growing up in this musical environment influenced his interest in songwriting and collaboration. Now, as his music career matures, Dan is venturing out as a solo performer.

His music and original songs are emotional, deeply personal, and steeped in the Blues/Roots and Folk genres. His songs come from both within, drawing on raw and deeply personal experiences and from the stories he has collected along his travels. Dan’s music and songs are influenced by some of the great singer/songwriters and storytellers. From classical and theatrical scores, he listens to, and is inspired by, classic songwriters like Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, and Paul Kelly. Although he has his very own unique sound and style, his musical sound has been equated to Nick Cave, Beck, Tom Waits and Neil Young.

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Tom Hogarth

2015-11-02 11:34:23
Rock Bottom my favourite of the current offering... keep 'em coming!
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