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Artist :: NorfStar

Soul R&B

Los Angeles, United States

NorfStar, an American R&B artist, is no stranger to the music industry. After a brief hiatus from Hollywood, he’s back on the scene and fully committed to his mission which is: to first get rich, then famous and use his platform to uplift and inspire his fans while demonstrating the infinite power of our universe. He holds an unwavering belief that we’re all inherently born with the ability to supersede obstacles and have the power to manifest our dreams.
In fact, this was his inspiration for his latest single, Get Rich (release date 10/14/2015). Not only does it showcase his musical talent, the carefully crafted lyrics make it hard to deny his brilliance. NorfStar likes to point out this song was “written to inspire people to live free, live their dreams, and Get Rich – which means to do whatever is in alignment with your aspirations, regardless of how grandiose a person’s dreams may be”.
NorfStar joins forces with Frank “Lucky 7” Wilson, Chairman of WEG and Lucky 7 Records & Entertainment. “It's with great pleasure and honor that I take in joining forces with Lucky 7 Records & Entertainment and Wilson Entertainment Group to bring groundbreaking music and entertainment to the world. Great things are expected of this union and we will deliver, stated NorfStar.” “I concur!” states Frank Wilson, Mr. Wilson comes from a family, of famous musicians in the industry. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame musicians such as; Lowell Fulsom, and Robert(RIP), Ronnie, and Charlie Wilson of The GAP Band. “We are very excited about this project, we believe that this union is a win-win situation for both parties, and we look forward to the great success that is expected.”

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