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Anderson, United States

I started playing the guitar when I was about 9. Both my Mother & Father played a little and they taught me enough to get me started. I have loved music from as early as I can remember. My Mother said that as a child I would sit in front of the radio and listen for hours on end to whatever was on. I can remember listening to such greats as Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Jerry Lee, Carl Perkins, Fat’s Domino the Platters and many more just to name a few. Later on in my teenage years I joined bands that would play for parties or shopping malls, but most often in the garage of a friend. I was about 18 when I began playing in bars & lounges while working a day job in order to survive. I began writing songs at about this same time and over the years I have written many songs about my experiences and the people I have met or made friends with.

I have been playing now for some 50+ years with 30 or more of them spent playing in bars and lounges all over California. About 12+ years ago I stopped playing publicly and put together a small project-recording studio at home in order to record and preserve the music that I had written. I feel very lucky and I thank God everyday for giving me this gift.

My wish is to touch people in their hearts and minds the same way a story or a film may invoke strong feelings.In most of my music I try to connect with emotions that demand your attention. When it works, you are drawn into the story without realizing it. Maybe you just lost a loved one or you had a relationship that didn't work out. When something is going on in your life a good song can trigger a response inside that personalizes the song for you.


Mark Gardner

2018-04-25 11:13:08
Nice work on here Carl! 3.5/5 Well done!

Carl Grimes

2016-01-05 22:26:02
Hello to all who visit my site and I hope you enjoy my music. I will be adding more to this site but you can hear all my music on my FB music page for now. Thanks for listening
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