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Welcome to a Million Dollar Riff

A new online community targeted at musicians and songwriters.
A place where you can communicate, share, support and promote each other and in doing so, help yourself.


We are creating the opportunity for all artists to be heard.



Do a random search to find someone new, you pick the genre.



See who is performing anywhere in the world.
Check out the Artist before the performance.



Check out the latest clips and share yours to showcase talent.



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hi!!!!!!!! welcome!

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welcome! i am so happy i find you here <3

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love it so much!!!

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hello from Lithuania and Greece! we are new here !

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"Love to Give" by Matt Borg Trio, Thursday's listening pleasure, check it out, the love is going around.

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"It's The Reason" by Tommy Castles. A random plug for a huge talent, check him out.

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"Red Ruby" by Silky Digits. What a special voice and talent. You will be missing out if you don't have a listen.

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"True Love Never Dies" by Michael Hardie, so smooth, so cool, pure quality.

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