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Rock Other Soul

This band has this far three members.
I started to play the guitar at 12 years of age, wrote my first own song at 13. When I was 16 I also played the organ and at the age of 20 I played the piano too. I went through the municipal musical school in my home town. In the elementary school I was involved in the schools choir, arranging music for the choir alongside the music teacher as well as playing the guitar at concerts. I've been involved in a lot of different bands, most of them I wrote most of the music, arranged it and was the lead vocal.
My main instrument is still guitar but nowadays I play a lot of keyboards too, as I see it as the most efficient instrument in a digital studio.

I am a vocalist in the band Obsidian Blue. I am a singer, actress and show artist. I have been working professionally since a young age appeared at most of the major venues around Sweden and also in guest appearances at booth Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I have also done television and film. But now is my focus entirely on singing, studio and appearances by Obsidian Blue. I was trained in theater at the Theatre Academy, musical theater in the performence arts school as well as in jazz vocals at the Jazz Institute in Gothenburg. For me, music is life, air and love. Let us love!
Have been playing drums since his early years. In Sweden the band Gunners Dream was the first band that got real attention. They were mainly a tribute band, playing songs by Pink Floyd. By the time that Ramin and Tobbe met he were on the verge of leaving Gunners Dream and so the meeting got that process to it's end. First song they wrote was a song called Heads Are Turning. After that one, there have been quite a few songs. Nowadays Ramin lives in the L. A area and his involvement have been a bit scarce, but he still writes lyrics for the band.


Obsidian Blue

2015-02-26 23:02:49
Thank you Luis.
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